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2018 Hong Kong International Lighting Fair (Autumn Edition)

EXC Scenario Exhibition Area

From October 26th to 29th, as the most comprehensive and influential lighting event in Asia, the "Hong Kong International Autumn Lighting Fair•Outdoor and Technology Lighting Expo" was grandly held. During the four-day exhibition, Shenzhen EXC-LED Technology Co., Ltd. brought classic cases of global landscape lighting, research and development products, and integrated solutions of LED lighting systems to the K18-K20 booth of Asia World-Expo, starting a light tour and creating a feast of light and shadow.

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 Time Tunnel

This time EXC Lighting customized a time tunnel wall composed of point light source EXC-P30S, especially for the Hong Kong exhibition. The EXC-P30S full-color series product is a full-color patch LED pixel string light specially designed for outdoor landscape lighting by EXC Type point light source, a single point light source is an independent pixel, and each pixel can achieve 256-level grayscale changes; the light source spacing can be customized, and the installation methods are diverse. With the continuous change of the color of the light, it is like being in a mysterious time machine, experiencing the beauty and charm of light in the changing of light and shadow.

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In order to provide better service and meet the needs of the majority of visitors to the exhibition, the overseas sales team of EXC focuses on introducing EXC's world-renowned top cases and videos to customers and introduces the Shenzhen 40th anniversary celebration CBD lighting and the theme of the Qingdao SCO summit to the guests.  EXC outdoor LED light controller system and the latest research and development products used in large-scale cases such as lighting, the themed lighting of the Xiamen BRICS Conference, and the themed lighting of the G20 Hangzhou Summit.

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Color temperature wall

The color temperature wall set on-site (wall washer W35C-1800K, W42C-2200K, W55C-2700K, floodlight B150B-4000K, B210-5000K, B155-5700K) intuitively reflects the lighting effects of different products, attracting, Gathering many visiting merchants from all over the world, they have won unanimous praise. With innovative control technology and excellent product quality, ACLET has won super popularity. It has established preliminary cooperative relations with many prospective customers, expanded its customer base, and create a new situation.

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