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What Are the Application Scenarios of Landscape Lighting LED Point Light Source?

EXC-LED, as a national high-tech enterprise integrating LED application product design, R&D, production, sales and service, is committed to providing stable and reliable integrated intelligent lighting system solutions for global customers. EXC-LED is a professional outdoor landscape lighting dot light source led light factory in china and outdoor landscape lighting and cloud control system company, landscape lighting LED dot light source applications in the field of the lighting engineering industry is very important and very extensive.

1. LED dot light source of lighting effects

A LED dot light source is a pixel LED light board, the installation of multiple dot light sources. Through the system control, it can present a colourful lighting screen, instead of the function of the display; at the same time, LED pixel dots can be in multiple buildings, modelling between the long-distance synchronous cascade, compensating each other and presenting a very creative, beautiful light show.

2. What Are the Application Scenarios of Landscape Lighting pixel led light board Source?

(1) Building, elevated, bridge contour outline; signs, signs.

(2) City square ground decoration lighting; outdoor advertising display, building display.

(3) Amusement facilities decorative lighting; ancient architecture decorative lighting.

(4) Building top modeling decorative lighting; text and image line outline.

(5) Shaped, personalized lamps and lanterns built-in LED dot light source.

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