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Walk into Zhangwu City and Meet Haode's Night

In order to better prosper and develop the night economy of Zhangwu and create a new bright spot in the county of Zhangwu, the upgraded version of the construction project of Zhangwu Haode Night Market in Fuxin City, Liaoning Province was implemented and completed. Shenzhen EXC-LED Technology Co., Ltd provides point light source, LED wall washer, flood light and other landscape lighting products and lighting control system for the project. We help the city create a beautiful night scene. Zhangwu's former vitality is gradually recovering, and the night market economy has begun to recover and radiate new vitality!

Ⅰ. EXC provides commercial landscape lighting for Zhangwu County

1. Project Overview

Zhangwu County Characteristic Cultural Street is a modern characteristic commercial landscape lighting pedestrian street that integrates characteristic catering, interactive experience, leisure shopping, and entertainment. It is located at No. 63 Jianhua Road, Zhangwu County, Fuxin City. The east side of the project base is Jianhua Road, and the overall terrain is flat. The external connection of the planning area mainly relies on Jianhua Road and Zhonghua Road, and the east-west direction is mainly along Fuzheng Street in the north and the planned road in the south. Covering an area of about 140 mu, the area is currently planned to be Zhangwu International Trade and Logistics City in Zhangwu County. The main buildings of the project have been completed. The block environment and supporting facilities need to be improved and upgraded to achieve the predetermined goals of this design. The project will be constructed It has become a "Zhangwu County Characteristic Cultural District".

2. Design goals

The design goal is to combine the natural resources and human resources of regional characteristics, and build this area into an open and dynamic leisure walking characteristic commercial landscape lighting block in Zhangwu. At the same time, the interactive and participatory place experience is highlighted, and the overall landscape design is carried out in combination with the building to create a variety of public activity spaces.

3. Design themes

With the theme of "Landscape of Light, Magic Night Street", the project emphasizes the use of wind as the medium and light as the medium to create a smart interactive landscape and create the most interesting characteristic cultural street. We help make it the most important and iconic central commercial street in Zhangwu County, showing Zhangwu's new look as an excellent county town in northern Liaoning Province.

4. Landscape nodes

The commercial landscape lighting characteristic block takes "one core, two axes, six areas" as the landscape structure. One core is the core of the entrance display; the two axes are the east-west cultural interpretation axis and the north-south food experience axis; the functions are divided into six areas: regional characteristics, market stalls, petty bourgeoisie, Internet celebrity market, cultural and creative antiques and children's carnival. There are entrance display waterscapes, sculpture waterscapes, wind-moving sand dunes, windmill corridors, interactive kaleidoscopes, creative projection plazas, children's trains, leisure seats, sound-moving maple forests, magic forests, food experience, performance stage, space-time garden, children Carnival and other landscape nodes.

Ⅱ. Design elements and functions of commercial landscape lighting

(1) The planning and design of modern landscape environment includes three major elements: landscape visual form, environmental ecological greening, and public behavior psychology.

(2) The visual form of the landscape requires a distinct image, which is mainly reflected in the shape and color of sculptures, garden pieces, and hard pavement in the block.

(3) Environmental and ecological greening requires sufficient green space and trees, which are reflected in the arrangement and variety of green trees in cultural blocks.

(4) Psychological requirements of public behavior Consider the psychological and spiritual feeling needs of the group, which are mainly reflected in the trend and orientation of the flow of people and the rendering of the environment and atmosphere in the cultural street.

(5) The functional activities of the pedestrian street are mainly business, cultural entertainment and holiday leisure.

Against the backdrop of the characteristic lighting gallery, the characteristic cultural block of Zhangwu has become radiant and has become a sea of joy. Lighting Jinglang Night Market is not only a good place for citizens to have night activities, but also a popular spot for Zhangwu cultural tourism. There are not only many Internet celebrity anchors who push Zhangwu agricultural special products and cultural and creative products through the live broadcast platform, but also attract tourists from the surrounding areas to visit the grasslands, fish feasts, and night markets in Zhangwu.

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