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The Waterproof and Shockproof of LED Wall Washer

The life of LED wall washer light is very long, and the life of aluminum shell and LED lamp bead is also very long. We need to pay attention to the drive power supply. The drive power supply is done, and the overall life is risen. The production process of LED wall washer light is the key point. No matter how good the material is, the production process is not qualified. So everything is good and the production process is good. Light distribution technology makes LED point light source expand to surface light source, increase luminous surface, eliminate glare, sublimate visual effect, eliminate visual fatigue. Solid state package belongs to cold light source type. Therefore, it is easy to transport and install, which can be installed in any small and enclosed equipment and not afraid of vibration, and basically not worry about heat dissipation.

A good LED wall washer light has been composed by the drive of high-quality and high-power output efficiency, high photosynthetic efficiency of the light source and the excellence of the radiator. No matter how good the drive is, it will not produce better luminous efficiency if it does not match the light source. Drive and source will generate heat, lose a lot of energy and electrical energy. As is known to all, the cooling condition that washes wall lamp is deciding the life of lamps and lanterns. No matter how good drive power source and illuminant are used, when heat dissipation is poor, even if the initial luminous effect that changes lamps and lanterns is high, the light also fades quickly, wihch cannot be used conventionally thereby.

Ⅰ. Commercial application of LED wall washer light

Led wall washer light has a variety of colors. The building internal light transparent lighting and indoor local lighting, green landscape lighting, billboard lighting, lighting for medical, cultural and other special facilities, lighting for bars, dance halls and other entertainment venues. Program control will produce a variety of wall washing utility, so that the light is particularly dazzling. The service life of the LED wall washer is particularly long, and it can absolutely stand the continuous use of outdoor. The non-sealing is the reason why the light lamp point is not bright and interferes with the outdoor lighting effect caused by air entry.

Led wall washer light brings people very comfortable visual effect. Therefore, it is especially suitable for the placement of public places, and the unique color changing effect is for LED wall washer light. It can be used in commercial applications to make buildings look more glamorous and attract more attention.

Because the price is not cheap, so indoor popularity is still difficult. From the inspection of industry operation, the sales growth momentum of lamps focusing solely on LED ability is relatively rapid, which is detailed in LED wall washing lamper light, small colorful tree lighting lamp and other outdoor lighting lamps. If there is additional technical support, such as access to art design, concept and other high-end novel types, supply may be required, but the profit margin of this item is relatively high.

Ⅱ. Good waterproof and shockproof performance of LED wall washer light

There is no need to worry about the sun and rain causing injuries to the lighting fixtures. LED wall washer appearance classification is also special, and there are strip, round, square. Length and size can be purchased, suitable for different shapes of building installation and use. The operating model is developed from the original master-slave machine operation to today's support offline or built-in operation, and the installation also supports wireless DMX operation. The lighting effect channel is also improved from the original general 3 channels to 20 channels, letting each set of lights glowing pearl has free configuration utility, to obtain different colors shaping effect for large buildings to create a complete and unique visual effect!

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