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The Six Components of LED Wall Washer Light

Outdoor wall wash lighting fixture is an indispensable part of the lighting project, and is often used in the lighting project of bridges and buildings. At present, the common LED wall washer on the market consists of the following parts including light board, structural light body, wire, driver, glue and lens.

1. LED wall washer light board

Outdoor LED wall washer The light board is composed of aluminum substrate, lamp beads and resistors, and the three parts form a semi-finished light board. The thickness of the aluminum substrate and the material with high thermal conductivity are conducive to the heat dissipation of the light source chip.

2. LED wall washer light body

The shell material is composed of high-quality 6063 stretched aluminum profile and tempered glass. The greater the power of our conventional wall washer, the greater the thickness and size of the shell, so the better the heat dissipation effect. In addition to heat dissipation, the lamp body of the China LED wall washer has another important function, which is to protect the light source circuit board inside the lamp body and effectively solve the waterproof problem.

3. LED wall washer light wire

All lamps, wall washer or other LED lamps, need to be connected to a wire. The wires of our conventional wall washer include a waterproof butt plug and the back wire connected to the internal light board.

4. LED wall washer light glue

Since the bulb needs to be waterproof and used outdoors, the inside of the LED wall washer will be filled with glue to ensure that the waterproof level reaches IP65 or higher. Conventional silica gel generally uses two kinds of silica gel or PU glue.

5. LED wall washer light lens

There are many types of lens degrees, ranging from 5 degrees to 120 degrees. The smaller the degree, the narrower the wall illuminated by the light and the higher the height of the light. The conventional wall washer on the market usually uses 30 degrees to 60 degrees. There are also special narrow beams that use low-power lenses. At present, asymmetric angle lenses are more popular on the market, with various specifications such as 10°*60°, 20°*45° and so on.

6. LED wall washer light drive power

The driving power used for outdoor wall washer is generally a waterproof driving power with a waterproof rating of IP65 or higher. The main function of the driving power supply is to provide a stable output current for the LED light source. The quality of the driving power supply directly affects the life of the lamp.

I believe that through the above introduction, everyone has a detailed understanding of the components of the outdoor lighting project LED wall washer. When buying an LED wall washer, you shall first understand the specific irradiation height, and then let the wall washer manufacturer choose the appropriate power according to the irradiation height.

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