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The "Road of Change" in Xuesong Road with EXC Commercial LED Lighting

During the 14th Five-Year Plan period, Shenyang continued to optimize the urban road network structure, carry out organic renewal of urban streets, comprehensively renovate urban backstreets and alleys, take multiple measures to alleviate the parking problem, and improve green and feasible urban traffic. Shenyang will build 22 road, Yingbin Road and other ring ray; We will open up "deadlocked roads" and "bottleneck roads" in cities such as Hehe Road and Xiangshan Road, increase cross-railway passages such as Changbai North Road, break the barriers to cross-district traffic by railways, and organically renew key streets and roads that are representative and distinctive in the main urban areas.

The focus of the renewal of the street road for the "two ring ten horizontal ten vertical", among which, "two rings" for a ring (including Shenda Road), the second ring; "Ten horizontal" for Shenbei Road, Kunshan Road, United Road - Yulin Street, Shifu Road - Dongling Road, Beier Road - Zhongshan Road, Zhonghua Road - Nanshuncheng Road - Dadong Road, Kaida Road - Shenxin Road - Wenyi Road - Fumin Street, Hunnan Avenue, Quanyun Five Road, Xuesong Road - innovation Road; "Ten longitudinal" is Weigong Street, Xijiang Street, Nujiang Street, Yellow River Street - Nanjing Street, Dongwang Street, Heping Street, Sanhao Street, Youth Street, Wuai Street, Shenying Street.

Commercial Led Lighting

1. EXC provides commercial LED lighting street light system

In THE PROJECT TRANSFORMATION FOCUSING ON "TWO RINGS, TEN HORIZONTAL AND TEN VERTICAL", XUESONG ROAD IS THE MAIN TRAFFIC ARTERY CONNECTING THE EAST AND WEST OF SUJIATun District, as well as THE CULTURAL landscape AVENUE of mutual accommodation between culture and landscape. As early as 2011, this road has officially started the "butterfly road". Ten years later, according to the specific traffic conditions of Cedar Road, Aike shares has provided hundreds of base watch series intelligent commercial LED lighting street lamps and intelligent multi-functional poles.

Commercial Led Lighting

Different from the general Watchman series of intelligent street lamps, the commercial LED lighting street lamps in this project add nearly 50 kinds of intelligent multi-functional poles to cope with the complex traffic conditions of Shenyang Xuesong Road. The multi-function pole can not only be equipped with road signs to facilitate pedestrians, but also the city manager is considerate. It can be equipped with a variety of poles, such as public security monitoring and traffic signal light pole, so that the city manager can monitor the road situation in real time and take corresponding measures.

2.  EXC commercial LED lighting system is strong and durable

According to the actual needs of the project, Aicke has built a series of intelligent multi-functional poles with a total height of 12 meters and 14 meters. The poles are divided into lower pole, upper pole, cross arm, lamp arm, etc. The overall color is silver gray, and the shape is smooth and simple. The upper vertical rod adopts aluminum alloy 6061+T6 chute rod. According to the actual demand, a variety of rod bodies can be installed in the later stage, and the installation position of 5G micro base station is reserved. The lower vertical rod adopts Q460 high-quality steel, which is strong and durable.

By matching EXC CAT.1 single light sequence controller, the street lamp of Shenyang Xuesong Road is like being injected into the soul. According to the terminal information of weather condition, light, human flow, traffic flow, speed, location and so on, the brightness of the street lamp can be adjusted adaptively. EXC CAT.1 single light controller, with aluminum alloy shell, has powerful function, small size, easy to implement, wiring free, reliable and easy to maintain and other advantages. The integration of road lighting poles, traffic sign poles, traffic signal poles, video surveillance poles, tram poles, communication base stations poles, pedestrian guidance signs and other poles into one road light pole can not only reduce the occupancy of urban space resources caused by repeated construction, reduce construction costs, and realize multi-purpose and resource sharing of one pole. It also greatly improves the functional quality, service quality, ecological quality and cultural quality of the city, and makes the streets "fine, exquisite and wonderful".

Shenyang "two ring ten transverse and longitudinal" of the project is completed, it is not just a shenyang cedar road "butterfly", is a "road of the spotlights", let the streets have temperature, dynamic, grade and level in appearance, commercial LED lighting allows citizens to have a real sense of gain, happiness and security, which is the mission of EXC all the time!

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