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Thanks to LED Controller, LED Linear Light Bar Renew the Visual Experience on the Stage

Indispensible in the stage performance, lighting create a series of impressive visual effects to fully stimulate the audience, highlight the emotions of the artist, so that the stage performance is more passionate. Lighting not only brings us visual enjoyment, but also guides the atmosphere and emotions, bringing an immersive musical feast for our minds.

1. Design of LED linear light bar

Lighting artists can use full-color LED linear light bar to very accurately echo the sound effects of the band's live performance at a particular moment. For example, red will cause a strong resonance, while blue or green is more relaxing. With LED strips, red, green and blue can also be mixed together to create a myriad of different colors, inspiring a wide range of emotional resonance.

Thanks to today's compact LED linear strips, performers are further expanding the appeal of the stage. In many of today's concerts, audience members are given LED wristbands upon entry. When the performance begins, th

e audience wristband will be activated and the LED wristband will light up simultaneously with the music and flash in a variety of colors, making the audience feel like they are an integral part of the performance and thus fully immersed in the concert experience.

2. LED linear strip's exothermic performance

Another reason artists like LED linear strips is that they don't release too much heat. The beam pattern in traditional stage lighting generates heat and infrared light, and being in it is like performing under a hot lamp. But the use of LED linear strips, because the heat will be discharged from the back end, will not be released through the beam, so the performers will always remain in the best condition of refreshment.

3. The choice of LED controller

In the application of LED strips, there still can not be good control of the brightness of the light, color, so this time we need to have a special LED controller to bring a better lighting mode to the stage.

EXC-LED is a company that develops and produces LED products. the production history has been many years and the production process is mature. We adhere to the concept of innovation and has been constantly learning, improving our technology, only to provide customers with products, constantly introduce new products and keep pace with the times, so as to bring customers a good visual experience. Choose EXC-LED for LED controller. We believe that our products will bring you a surprise!

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