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China Lighting Industry Ecological Development Summit Forum | EXC's Creative Landscape Lighting

The China Lighting Industry Ecological Development Summit Forum is an annual industry event in the lighting field. This year's summit focuses on current industry hot topics such as Metaverse, Smart Light Pole, Architecture and Light, and Cultural Tourism Night Tour. People from various fields of lighting, including government, industry, academia, research, engineering, and design, gathered together to focus on current industry hot topics and advanced product technology through thought exchange and collision integration. Various industries want to gather cross-border forces and seize the arteries and opportunities of emerging markets.

Feng Renrong, Executive Vice President of EXC, Fang Chao, Technical Director of Smart Road Lighting Division, Wen Caiping, Brand Director, Hu Jianfa, Deputy Sales Director, and the Shenzhen sales elite team gathered at the 2021 China Lighting Industry Ecological Development Summit Forum. They discussed the construction of smart cities in the future and participated in the annual feast of the lighting industry.

1. EXC's creative landscape lighting products help smart cities

At the meeting, Fang Chao, technical director of EXC's Smart Road Lighting Division, gave a wonderful speech on the theme of "Smart Street Lighting and Ambient Lighting Control Solutions". EXC's smart road lighting core products: smart street lights, powerful smart integration and technological innovation, creative landscape lighting intelligent control solutions and road lighting atmosphere lighting control solutions, unique in the industry!

He introduced the commonly used street light ambient light products, and from the current situation and pain points of common control methods for ambient lights, combined with the needs of managers to analyze specific scenarios, CAT1 single-light controller with ambient light, CAT1 dual-light controller with ambient light Elaborate on the design of other solutions to fully demonstrate the advantages of smart road lighting and ambient lighting control solutions. Combining the latest IoT technology and AI technology, and relying on cloud services, edge algorithms, and 5G applications, EXC has launched a smart cloud control platform, including smart lighting, smart street lights, smart parks, smart sanitation, smart public toilets and other subsystems, with strong business And massive data analysis and processing capabilities, provide management and energy-saving dual engines for smart cities, and help smart city construction.

2. EXC's creative landscape lighting products won the Golden Finger Award

Share wisdom feast, win-win lighting future! The "Golden Finger Award" aims to explore the most potential and valuable designers and projects in the country, the most practical and innovative products and technologies, and lead the healthy development of the creative landscape lighting industry. Nearly 500 people including experts and scholars, lighting designers, enterprises and media representatives from inside and outside the industry gathered together to celebrate the 11th anniversary of the Golden Finger Awards, witnessing the moment of honor and promoting the vigorous development of the lighting industry.

With continuous innovative technological achievements and excellent market reputation, EXC Shouwang Smart Street Lights and EXC's subsidiary Eclair Smart Screen have both won the 11th Golden Finger Award and Innovative Product Award. Feng Renrong, Executive Vice President of EXC, appeared on the stage to receive the trophy.

The feast night in Shenzhen is shining with the light of wisdom, beating with the joy of harvest, and also contains bursting power! "EXC Night" 2021 Golden Finger Award Ceremony exchange dinner, burning love in Shenzhen.

Feng Renrong, Executive Vice President of EXC, said in his speech at the dinner that it was a great honor to gather with you in Shenzhen, using the platform of the organizer China Lighting Network, to celebrate the "2021 Golden Finger Award Year-end Exchange Dinner" under the title of "EXC Night" It's a complete success, I hope you all have a happy and beautiful night here! In 2022, we will be the title of the EXC Cup · The 12th Golden Finger Award. By encouraging design innovation, we will facilitate the exchange of experience between industry partners and promote the overall improvement of the industry chain. Mr. Feng was still at the dinner party, and started the new journey of the 2022 Golden Finger Award together with the organizer and special guests!

While realizing enterprise development, EXC is committed to helping the creative landscape lighting industry progress through extensive exchanges and cooperation. This time, we participated in and supported the holding of the China Lighting Industry Ecological Development Summit Forum and the 11th Golden Finger Award Ceremony, and actively leveraged the synergy advantages of the industry chain to help the overall development of the industry with better products. At the same time, we strive to contribute to the construction of 5G smart cities and the promotion of new infrastructure.

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